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\"\”Mickey Cohen is a meticulously-documented biography and incisive social history of breadth and depth. It is a cohesive, cogent, and well-structured exploration of both an obsessive mobster and his inextricable link with the city in which he made his home and caused some harm. Moreover, Tere Tereba splendidly and expressively presents many strands of the Mickey Cohen story without leaving any loose ends or redeeming considerations, however minor.\”

Extra, Extra! Author Tere Tereba Talks Mickey Cohen And The Sunset Strip

LA Letters Top Eleven Book Picks for 2012


Book Review by TOM NOLAN : A Hood Made in Hollywood

\"Beyond \’Gangster Squad\’: The Real Mickey Cohen

August 10, 2012
HOT TYPE May 2012\"vanity-fair-hot-type-2012\"
by Mike Sonksen on July 27, 2012

\"MickeyJuly 26 — by Larry Harnisch

May 10, 2012

\”writer Tere Tereba’s absorbing and gritty account of Cohen’s rise from a tough as nails pugilist from East L.A. to a seemingly untouchable gangster.\”–by Greg Srisavasdi

\"\"by Jane Gilman
Edition: 6/1/2012

\"\"Hollywood Mobster by Rob Hardy \"August
August 22, 2012
Mickey Cohen’s colorful life of crime
By Jonathan Kirsch


\”Tereba captures the atmosphere of, murder, double-dealing, set-ups and gang warfare perpetuated by the assorted thugs, crooked cops, sleazy lawyers and bimbos that made up post WWII Los Angeles.\”\"\"

\"InterviewMay 2012

Tere Tereba Finds the Devils in the City of Angels, by Keely Weiss\"Interview

Photo of the Week: Shooting a Gangster\"Organized

Peter Richardson

Stray Thoughts on California Culture


Tereba, Cohen, Her Book and The Gangster Squad

Can\’t wait to see Gangster Squad?

Get the scoop on Mickey Cohen now!
\"FilmMay 24, 2012 By Film Noir Blonde \"Cinema  
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